3521 Braselton Hwy, Ste D100 | Dacula, GA 30019(470) 474-3000
(470) 474-3000

Core Values

  1. Deliver excellence in all that we do. EXCELLENCE is our brand. We will passionately pursue excellence. We will demand excellence. It is our goal to deliver an unprecedented service. We must pay attention to detail and appreciate the new relationships. Our service will be one filled with caring and compassion. We must always strive to provide services that differentiate us from our competitors.
  2. Embrace the family spirit. We will take care of each other and our beautiful homes. Work together as a team to deliver results that cannot be delivered alone. Always encourage, support and be there for one another.
  3. Build lasting relationships based on trust. It is our goal to earn the trust of our clients, vendors and our community. Always, always put our client’s interest first. Be a long-term thinker, we can’t just think in the moment.
  4. Always do the right thing. Simple questions. Is it right for the company? Is it right for the customer? Is it ethical? Is it something you are willing to be held accountable for? Is it simply the right thing to do?
  5. Nurture your professional and personal life. Strong teams are always committed to their personal life as well as their work. Keep family as a foundation in your life. We work hard but we will also play hard. Share your work with your family, for they will become a part of the RBL family.
  6. Generously give to others. Give to your teammates, your clients, and your community. Be willing to share information for the betterment of the team.
  7. Proactively communicate with everyone. Respond promptly and always communicate to our clients so they are always knowledgeable of what’s going on. Always find a solution to resolve a problem, never avoid them.
  8. Pursue growth and learning. Knowledge is power. Look for opportunities to always improve yourself. Continue to be the leader in our area of expertise. We strive to have the best trained and most talented people in the industry.
  9. Be grateful and humble. To whom much is given, much is required. No matter your level of success you achieve, continue being you, stay grounded and humble. Always be thankful for the success that you have and never take it for granted.
  10. Enjoy the JOURNEY. Create fun – as a team, for our clients, and with our families. ENTHUSIASM IS CONTAGIOUS. HAPPINESS IS CONTAGIOUS. POSITIVE ATTITUDES ARE CONTAGIOUS.
3521 Braselton Highway, Ste D100 | Dacula, Georgia 30019
(470) 474-3000
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